Holiday Celebration Group Group

In this group you may chat about any holiday. You may talk about your holiday ideas, plans, etc. here as well as mention your upcoming Birthday if you wish to do so. This is a wonderful group for anyone to come together and talk about the many various holidays from anywhere around the world.
Well its Christmas day tomorrow , and next week we have New Year, I always make a New Year Resolution and very rarely keep it, are you st...
A very special Christmas was the Christmas of 2006 or 2007. The weather was horrible and power was off for 2-3 weeks before and up to Ch...
ideas about different food baked goods?
Okay is your tree going to be a Christmas Tree or a holiday tree ...lets ban all this daft, political correctness where Christmas is invo...
do you have favorite movies you watch on specific holidays? if so, what are they?
Being an Immigrant I love to hear of the differant foods and traditions everyone has.
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