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Hello I was peer pressured to go to Tijuana strip clubs this weekend with some friend. I have some questions that I would like an expe...
I what my dr thinks is an oral squamous papilloma. I will see an ENT for excision and biopsy in a few weeks. If this is caused by HPV d...
Hi I met someone today. We kissed and hugged and he sitted on my penis I am not sure if my penis have contacted his anus. When I worn my ...
I was diagnosed with HPV about 13 years ago, but later was told it cleared itself. A couple of years before my diagnoses, I noticed about...
Hi. I've got this small bump on the left-hand side of my uvula for at least 3 years. I didn't pay much attention to it when I first spott...
It was an anonymous encounter. I fingered her and put that finger in my mouth while it was still kinda wet. If she has HPV, will my act...
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