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Does any one have long term experience with prazosin 100 twice a day please?
Hello everyone, looking for some feedback on these numbers. Male, 55 family history of high bp. Numbers were creeping into the low 130's ...
Hi there, I'm a 24 year old male of relatively good health aside from a hiatal hernia (for which, after discussion with my GI speciali...
Hi, I am a 58 y female, with no history of hypertension, although my brother and mother both do (they are also obese). I was a very act...
Anyone have an increase in high blood pressure & heart palpitations while taking Buspirone for anxiety? I am 41 & female. I have genetic ...
I was taking 100mg atenolol without food for hypertension but my glucose went up so my doctor switched me to Coreg 25mg twice a day. He s...
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