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My partner has high blood pressure and we don’t know why. Can anyone suggest me which speciality doctor will treat this problem.
my friend just started taking trandolapril 1mg and Irbesartan its only been a couple days but she feels awful dizzy, heart palpatations,...
Because she has high blood pressure and it could get worse if she doesn't so that could lead to her passing away if she doesn't stop smok...
When people quote their BP, is it an average, mean or random reading? I am a 65 year old female of normal weight who walks and does 30 ...
I am getting high blood pressure for no reason. I'm in my mid 40's, normal weight, no diabetes, female. I read that tooth abscesses c...
Cardinol 40mg and cancor 5mg both can be taken. Or taking one of them is right? Are they same thing?
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