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Background: I have been dealing with an unknown issue for the last six months. I am a 38 year old male and was suffering from shortness o...
Hi, I am currently checking my blood pressure at home, I am not hypertensive so do this once a year for 7 days. ( 64 years old ) I n...
Long story short, meds and changes have lowered my SYS bp from 220 to mid 150s. I had no symptoms in the hospital when diagnosed. Iā€™m f...
So, Losartan blocks a hormone in our blood. That's all I can think of. I've lost weight since starting the medication. I don't crave f...
Does anyone here have any insights or information re blood pressure spikes? I've experienced several in the past few years, and my doc i...
Hello, I'm 37 and was healthy until 3 months ago. As of 3 months ago my blood pressure was good (120/68) but I was having frequent PVC's ...
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