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I need help from you all. Please consider my conflicts in understanding hypothyroidism and its effect on pregnancy. I have been diagnosed as Hypothyroid since 3 years. I have been treating still with Levothyroxine (25 mcg). I got married on June and now my pregnancy kit shows 2 red bars confirming my pregnancy. Today I have checked my Thyroid, the findings are as follow: T3 - 1.31 ng/ml T4 - 11.50 mg/dl TSH - 4.19 MIU/ml My Age - 28, height - 153 & weight is 58 kg Now my questions are: 1) What is my current thyroid status? 2) What is possible effect of my TSH level on my Baby? (explain in detail) 3) How much Levothyroxine dose I should take during my pregnancy to maintain my thyroid hormonal level? 5) What should I do to reduce effect of Hypothyroidism on my baby? (Preventive measures) 6) Kindly tell me Dietary advice as accordance to my Thyroid condition. And please remember there are no good medical facility available around my place here. But I am a nurse, I can find my own way. So please help me to combat with my situation.
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