IVF..Should be insured... Group

I think if Insurance companies can have plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery covered on your insurance, why cant IVF? IVF is for people to have children that cant naturally. What is the difference between "a young girl getting pregnant and the GOVERNMENT PAYING for her delivery and hospital stay" then "IVF being insured even if its just 80%/20%..or even with a deductible..I just dont understand why we have to pay 10000+ odd dollars to have a baby..by the time we get done PAYING all this money....WE CANT AFFORD TO TAKE CARE OF THE CHILD........OKAY..I HAD TO VENT.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Okay ladies...What is your comment on this?
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I don't know where to start. I have children 5 to be exact! About three months ago well 5 months my first love &i got back together we're...
I think they should cover all fertility aids. Most insurance companies don't cover anything to do with aiding in getting pregnant, IUI, ...
I really agree with you, I wonder I long is going to take our government to think about it.
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