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We are all in a tough time in America so it seems a good idea to share tips, ideas, for economical living, how do we afford new 'stuff' and where can we get good 'used stuff '..be interested in any ideas to cope .what may be a long haul.When the going gets tough the tough get going '
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Well my skin didn't used to be sensitive but I guess it is now , I break out in hives at the drop of a hat ..even dry skin creams can ma...
Its probably already been said, but..... I re-use foam soap containers. I buy a bottle of the doller liquid soap, and put about a tabl...
Most clothing comes out just as clean when washed in cold water as it does in warm or hot. Keep your thermostate at 65 degrees not o...
I have found generally that I get things for far less than I would in a store or supermarket, when I buy on ebay. I just bought a stack o...
Have you ever had flair enough to be able to sell or invent something economical,( okay Cheap) what about childrens clothes , furniture, ...
Saved 25.00 this month by line drying all the laundry.
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