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We are all in a tough time in America so it seems a good idea to share tips, ideas, for economical living, how do we afford new 'stuff' and where can we get good 'used stuff '..be interested in any ideas to cope .what may be a long haul.When the going gets tough the tough get going '
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Weel I know this OBama promised we would have high electirc bills but Wow did I get a shock today , yes its heat time here and my air is ...
has anyone tried the homemade laundry soap? It does seem to be very economical.
Take this with a grain of salt..lol ...... .Best places to shop for everything Last year shoppers spent $405 billion at Walmart...
Building a new economy is tough. One group of neighbors decided to do it together. by Chuck Collins posted May 05, 2010 Recon...
Anyone ever heard of Angel Food? Check out their board for reasonable, fresh, food... https://www.angelfoodministries.com/
I am going to move house in the next few months, my house is too big and I want some more land and less house, so we are looking, we have...
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