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I took 2 shots of rabies vaccine just out of anxiety due to bats. I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia. After the vaccine, I developed s...
I am a 60 year old woman who just had a physical and was advised by my physician to get the shingles vaccine. I am in good health and wor...
I was bitten by a stray dog in end of Feb 2023 and I took complete does of 3 vaccination along with a tetanus shot. Now a stray car scrat...
I've only ever gotten a vaccine at a pharmacist that I can remember. My new insurer doesn't have any pharmacies in their list for the shi...
Is there a vaccine for Toxoplasmosis yet?
Hi, A number of years ago in 2009 I had a major adverse reaction to the H1N1 vaccine - you can read about it in previous chapters on t...
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