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I had a flu shot several months ago for first time in my life. I am 62 years. Since then I have been experiencing eczema like pimples wi...
Do I need to take rabies vaccine. I live in India and today I went to a local hairdresser. Suddenly a small puppy came from nowhere the p...
Hello, I have got Tetanus TIG 250 ui after cat scratch. Do I need another shot? My vaccination status is unknown. Kindly help. ...
I'm curious that if the coronavirus vaccine comes, will you get it? I'm ready to sign up. What would be your concerns? And we get a fl...
Hi experts, A few weeks back I post a query where I found a sick bat at my home, and the advise was to get the PEP rabies vaccine. As ...
Hi experts, I am not quite sure on whether is this the right forum to ask this, but any replies will be truly appreciated. I live i...
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