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Any one interested in research ,(vaccines) causing post polio/autoimmune/allergies/anaphylaxis leading to sun/cold allergies and " boy in...
If you live in the Northern hemisphere, now is the time to think about getting the flu shot, and making an appointment to do so if you ne...
Hi I had hep a vaccine in 2006 and then booster in 2009. Am I still covered?
Hello, I still have a lump from a tetanus shot in my arm from one year ago. The last few months every now and then it becomes itchy and i...
How long should my arm be sore? Is there anything I can rub on the arm? Currently I am taking Alleve for a sore back. When the pharmacist...
Hi all - I recently had a baby and found out while I was pregnant that I was not immune to rubella. So I had the MMR vaccine at my 6 week...
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