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Hello guys good morning thank you for being in this wonderful forum. I hope no one will judge me on this im extremely terrified.i promise...
Hi all, I just need advice and help on what to do next - I'm at my wit's end with things. So, I had a brief vaginal exposure back i...
Its been a hectic past two months for me. Started off with a respiratory infection and an extremely sore throat. Then I has a folliculiti...
I have had uti since 2 years old (kidney reflux) that turned into to major kidney stone problem and I was infected with ESBL ecoli. For t...
Does anyone know what could cause these brown lines at the cuticle and on the actual hand? Person has athletes foot, jock itch, and Versi...
hello, everyone. Im going straight to the matter. Like two weeks ago, me and my boyfriend had sex, I gave him oral and he was, lets say, ...
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