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Hello everyone. in July 2014, I had a protected anal sexual encounter with a woman. The condom did not break / fall off, etc. after the e...
I have a host of medical problems - most significant are bilateral hip arthroplasty, knee trauma (ligaments and meniscus), a recently bro...
I ordered lamb liver and package is generally vaccum packed. I kept this liver package on my kitchen slab and then took took to other are...
Hello, I noticed some spot on my body, also with little pimple on scalp, it sound like ringworm but the spot doesn't look like the one o...
I thought about it after seeing a zombie movie- basically how did the 1st cases of diseases infect people or animals? I want to make sure...
Hi there, I was recently (2 weeks ago) on vacation in Florida and while walking to the car in the darkness of the night something envelo...
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