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This is a forum for everyone from around the globe to share their recipes. I am aware that there is a forum for healthy cooking, that's why I thought of starting this one so every recipe can get out there. Recipes don't necessarily have to be "healthy". But do make sure they are tasty. Not trying to encourage an unhealthy diet, but once in a while, you do crave to eat something that might not be considered a part of a healthy diet. Obviously, yes everyday meals should be healthy. Also if someone posts a recipe and you try it with some addition to it and you liked, please post it again so we can have different versions of the same dish.
Tabbouli Tabbouli is my altime favourite salad and rather healthy due to the high amoutn of fiber. Itsa origin is from the lavant coun...
Kashkuleh (Meat balls with vegetables) This is an Arabic recipe… its healthy, light and tastes good … basically its meatballs with var...
Lamingtons are very popular in Australia and consist of a small square of white cake (sponge, butter, or pound) that is dipped in a...
Pavlova (Pav) is a meringue cake that has a light and delicate crisp crust and a soft sweet marshmallow center. This lovely dessert is ...
These were sent to our Australian and New Zealand soldiers during World War 1 because they were long lasting. ANZAC BISCUITS Ingredi...
I am going to make a chicken curry this weekend , I have some vindaloo paste, but also the spices to make my own , which one would you sa...
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