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Questions in the Interventional Cardiology forum are answered by medical professionals affiliated with the Truman Medical Center. Topics covered include acute coronary syndrome, angina , atrial fibrillation , cardiac catheterization , cardiomyopathy , drug abuse & cardiac disease, echocardiography , heart failure , hypertension & heart disease , lipid management , minorities and heart disease, peripheral vascular disease prevention, valvular heart disease , women’s heart health, and the warning signs of a heart attack.
Could excess sweating and cold chills relate to my blood preasure problems. I have these sweats nearly every hour and I am extreamly tir...
Is their a difference between Cardiomegaly and Hypertrophic Caridomyopathy? Are Cardiomegaly and Cardiomyopathy interchangable terms? ...
I went to the emergency room with palpitations.. had an ekg, heart monitoring and low blood sugar test ..all was fine. the doctor recomme...
In early September, I underwent a heart cath to rule out any blockages due to several abnormal EKGs since April which had shown ST rhythm...
My 93 year old Mother was diagonised that her heart is starting to shut down. She has a blood clot on the heart, and the top and bottom o...
Hi, I am not sure where to post this so here goes. I was sitting in my car waiting for my son, not having a stressful day at all. All o...
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