Kidney Disease & Disorders Community

This patient support community is for discussions relating to kidney disease and disorders, dialysis, self care, and transplants.
Hello, my doctor operated on my 14 days ago, removed the stent 7 days ago, but the pain in my right kidney nausea and chills keeps coming...
Thank you in advance for any light you can shed. I have been blessed with excellent health my whole life. This was reinforced by a recent...
Hi, 43 year old male recovering from first lithotripsy and stent procedure from kidney stone. I had stent removal about 5 hours ago and ...
The following is a summary of my stent experience after kidney stone lithotripsy 1. My lithotripsy procedure performed under ge...
Male, 43, history of kidney stones for 20 years. Last Lithotripsy was performed 3 years ago. Urologist was seen in October 2009 w/xray pe...
I went for an ultrasound in January and they discovered one of my kidneys is smaller than normal. They recommended that I get a couple...
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