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Kidney Disease & Disorders Community

My son spent a week in the hospital about 2 weeks ago. His CPK level was 113,000, which I can see from other post is unheard of. Other ...
Hello I'm reaching out because i'm sick of being in pain for the last 5 Months and nobody can figure out what is wrong. My story: Roug...
Dear Forum Members, I am reaching out to seek guidance and advice concerning my kidney condition, with a particular focus on my right ...
Women, aged 67 years had done blood tests this week. Some important paramters are as below. - Vitmain d3 # 78.45 (in safe range but h...
Hello I've been ill for a while..but I never had bloody nose mucus Is this common while it advances? Or could it be something el...
Hi everyone, A few months ago I was diagnosed with having a 9mm stone inside my right kidney. Since then, I've had bouts of pain in my...
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