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Kidney Stones Community

My husband is 45 and since the age of 19 has passed over 250 stones -nobody seems to be able to do anything, he typically passes them on ...
Last November went to ER with extreme left side pain. CAT can showed small 3.5 kidney stone. After a day or so, pain vanished. MONTHS lat...
I've been having difusse abdominal Discomfort and pain for months and after an ultrasound. My doctor said I had a small kidney stone and ...
Does anyone know of any good patient information or a workbook to try and reduce risk of forming another stone ?
Hi all, I had lithotripsy2 weeks ago wendesday and the dr was able to break up all the stones in my kidney. I had a 10 mm stone in my ren...
Found good new book out on amazon called Kidney Stone Journal by Dr Heidi Tempest. It is a really good self help guide full of informatio...
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