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You’ve seen me before, several swollen nodes after a bad chest infection nearly 3 years back now. Largest is 3.1x1.1x1.6cm many are 2 ish...
So I've had right side submandibular lymph node swelling for the past seven months now. I've had a CBC, MRI, and CT Scan with contrast -...
My son is 3 and since April I’ve noticed you can see some lymph nodes on the left side of his neck. His pediatrician told me it’s because...
I had a few blood tests done at my physical and seen a couple levels that were a little high and I’m not sure if I should be worried or n...
Why am I being referred to haematology? And why am I going for a chest X-ray? Since my appointment at the GP (for extreme exhaustio...
I just had a CBC done during a physical. I noticed that my lymphocyte count has been going up over the years and is a little bit over the...
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