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This is the report from when my son had a PET scan. He has multiple enlarged lymph nodes in multiple different regions, as noted in the r...
Earlier this week my 21 year old daughter discovered an extremely painful lump on are right armpit. She discovered it during a shower and...
Hi, I am wanting the opinion of others into the likely cause of these blood results. I am puzzled myself. To give some background - ...
My daughter has had a HORRIBLE sore throat (and fatigue) for 3 weeks now; negative tests - strep, Mono, Covid; no tick bites; she's had 2...
My name is Alex and I’m 15 years old. For about 2 months there have been a few swollen lymph nodes on my right collarbone slowly getting ...
2 years ago, I first brought to the attention of my GP painful lumps mainly in my legs. He didn't examine them (early covid days) but sai...
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