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Hello I have a question in regards to chest x ray and Ct scan of chest? I been on and off from prednisone 20mg to 5 mg due to a condition...
Does monocyte % fluctuate day to day? My level was 10.8 on 5/9, and 12.3 as of yesterday 5/16…. Also, per google, anything over 8% is...
I notice that every bloodtest i do yearly or every 6 months my WBC, absolute neutrophils, and absolute lymphocytes are high. My absol...
Hi, I don't know if I have cause to be concerned but I saw my gastroenterologist about 6 months ago for a number of symptoms (heartburn...
Here are my labs. Doc says nothing to worry but just wants to retest in 4 weeks. 44 year old male no symptoms and I feel great. I am due ...
Today marks the 3rd day on prednisone and I feel well, I randomly get “shocks of pain”on knees that last about 3-5 seconds, other than th...
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