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I'm having bone pains that are worse without movement, night sweats, and a few small red dots I have previously never noticed.
I had blood work done for a yearly physical yesterday and just received the results from the CBC panel. Everything appears to be in norma...
Now it’s been 42 hours and it’s still dead numb to the touch. Haven’t even used my pain medication. I can tell it’s swollen though as wel...
I need to know weather i should get checked out. So i have been an on and off alcohol drinker and drank heavy for a while. i eventually s...
Good morning, I am writing from France. I am 42 years old and I accidentally discovered a palpable right clavicular node in January 202...
You’ve seen me here plenty of times and my new ENT is thinking it’s time to remove one since I’m so concerned about it. However he says h...
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