Living with a pregnancy loss Group

For all the mothers who have suffered a pregnancy loss and have had trouble dealing with the days,weeks,months and years to follow. If you are here following the loss of your baby – at any point and however long ago – my heart goes out to you. It is incredibly difficult to find the word to describe how it feels when your baby dies. And sometimes even the most carefully chosen words are not enough. Here you can let your emotions run free without any crude rude or insensitive reactions.-No judgement-
Thanks for joining.. Coping with a pregnancy loss is what most people would say the worst time of their life.After a miscarriage or stil...
Hi, my name is Becca, 22, and m/c on July 27. it was my first pregnancy. everything seemed fine afterwards, only bled for 3 days, wasn'...
1 week ago thursday, Sep 9, 7 weeks pregnant, I went to the er room and had an ultrasound done because I was having bleeding and cramping...
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