Low Progesterone Group

After seeing millions of postings on Medhelp and elsewhere about women having low progesterone, many having one or more miscarriages as a result, I thought there should really be a group focused on low progesterone. Whether it's before conceiving, while TTC, or in early pregnancy or later, this problem affects untold numbers of women. I hope this group can be a place for sharing information regarding treatments and supporting each other through this difficult situation.
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This is my second child. I have been spotting . My doctor checked my levels (5 weeks pregnant) and said my HCG level was very good, but m...
I am a 46 year old woman who finally went to the doctor when my legs began to swell and I could no longer exercise. I quit smoking 17 mo...
Hello, thanks to everyone taking the time to read. Well, I am 23, married and we don't have any kids. We have been together for 8 yea...
I got prescribed to 10 mg of progesterone bc I was having horrible symptoms after getting off birth control and although I haven't gotte...
I'm 32 years old and I am trying to get pregnant. I have been on clomid for two months and this month on it my doctor had me have a proge...
I am a 41 year old who is without a thyroid (was surgically removed) and about Christmas time, I started getting panic attacks once in a ...
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