Lung Cancer - Stage 3 Community

My mom was just diagnosed with stage 3A lung cancer. What is the life expectancy without chemo and radiation? and is the treatment worth ...
My Mother is 73 and has been diagnosed with stage 3A lung cancer. She fell a few months ago and chose to stay in bed for fear of falling ...
We are in NJ and want to get a 2nd opinion for Stage III lung cancer. I would like to know what Dr/Hospital is thought to be in the Top ...
My sister was diagnoised in Nov. with non small cell lung cancer. She has had symptoms since Jan of the same year. She had a tumor on her...
I have a very close friend who was just diagnosed with either stage 3b or 4 squamous cell lung cancer. I am trying to find information a...
My father is 79 years old and has recently been diagnosed with Stage IIIA Lung Cancer. We are told it is non small cell Adenocarcinoma. ...
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