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Back in August my doc sent me for a LDCT because I was a smoker (just quit). They found 2 solid nodules 3mm. 1 solid, 4 mm. and 1 ground...
30% increase in primary NSCLC tumor with SUVmax of 7.69. Has canceled three EMBUS biopsies since discovered on PET on 11/15/2021. They pu...
Doctor didn’t find anything serious on ct scan then I did the bronchoscope a couple days ago, and there is BRONCHIAL CELL CT result. ...
My mom has stage 4 non small cell lung cancer with a marker of EGFR gene. Im so happy that they found this marker because it means they c...
I am 25 years old and 27 weeks pregnant. I’ve been having a dry cough and a tickle in my throat from time to time. Sometimes the cough ca...
i had a recent follow up et scan on a perifissual nodule that has grown in my left upper posterior lung 17n mm along with a cavitating n...
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