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Back in August my doc sent me for a LDCT because I was a smoker (just quit). They found 2 solid nodules 3mm. 1 solid, 4 mm. and 1 ground...
43 yowf,smoker 28 yrs. I was diagnosed with RA and ALE at 23. Took plaquenil 6 months til affected vision. and last 20 yrs I manage with ...
I was wondering if it is possible to get lung cancer without smoking. My uncle had never smoked and never had a single drink in his entir...
Although a Pancoast tumor is a lung tumor, it rarely causes symptoms that are typically related to the lungs (for example, cough and ches...
Hello, My husband (39 Years Old) was discovered by chance a 3 cm nodule in the lung (right upper lobe, with spicules) very suspicious a...
I’m a 50-year-old female and sometime near the end of summer in 2007 I began to experience a cough. In November of that year I went for a...
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