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Hi: Can you please tell me why screening for lung cancer with imaging tools is not currently recommended? What if you have a family h...
I am a senior male and do get an annual physical exam. It does include screening via blood test for prostate cancer (PSA) as well as the...
I have a male friend 62 years old who recently had a low dose lung cancer screening as part of a physical exam. He was diagnosed with his...
I have 2 black dots on the roof of my mouth. Not spots or patches, just two black dots. Both are small and right next to each other, I ha...
I was in the hospital about two weeks ago. They did a CT SCAN of my chest and found scattered Groundglass nodules up to 5mm in my left lo...
I have small cell lung cancer and have been through Chemo and radiation because it had spread to the brain. I tried immunotherapy but se...
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