March 2011 Babies Group

This is the place to ask questions, post information, and share stories and support with other women due in March 2011. Congrats on your pregnancy!
I am 15 or 16 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby. I have hips and the old wives tale is that I'm carrying my baby low in my hips. I asked my...
It has been a year.. time to update each other on our March 2011 Babies! We would love to see photos! If you have one you would li...
Since I could not post a photo in the March 2012 update I am posting it here =)
Hi everybody,hope everybody is busy with ter lil ones.. Just want to let everybody know that our lil princess is here. We named her Nazah...
how is everyone doing? i know you are all enjoying your little ones, as i am :) motherhood is incredible. hope all of you and your babies...
It's been so crazy here the last few weeks that I never got a chance to post that my lil man Brennyn was born on Saturday March @ 7:29pm ...
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