March 2012 Babies Group

A place to discuss your pregnancy with other moms who are due around the same time.
Hi ladies! I think it might be fun to introduce ourselves and maybe give a little bit of your story. I'm Corinne, I'm 25 and married t...
Hi everyone, im just new on here but need some help!! My husband and i found out we are pregnant on Thursday 21 July, and had Hcg done th...
hey. i went in to see the doctor today. he told me theres a heart beat, though i couldnt hear it, he could see it. i came home and now i ...
Hello! I am due March 1st 2012! I am 8w1d pregnant today with my first, after 17 months of trying we are finally pregnant after our fi...
Just got a BFP yesturday :-) Trying to go in for blood work today, EDD is a tentative 3/3/12.
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