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A place where mom to be can come and relax. Take a break from the day to day stress with friends and vent, even ask those questions we need answers to. Come on in let's share our pregnant stories and announce the birth out our little miricals!
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Just checking in to see how everyone is doing.
Everybody doing well? Planning 1st birthday parties? Any new babies on the way?
Really lol. my butt bone hurts to sit down on. And hurts worse to stand back up. I mean the pain is almost crippling. I don't know what ...
Wow I have been so out of the loop but just wanted to say hi before I disappear again lol Kendrick and I will be celebrating our miles...
Emma, I heard that San Marcos was being evacuated. The scrapbook store I went to all the time got their notice today to vacate due to the...
How are you all doing? I MISS YOU GUYS!!!
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