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how come when i was little i was outside ALL day playing tag, manhunt, swimming, skip it, jump rope, coloring my drive way with chalk, h...
Hi Everyone, I just joined this forum, and was hoping that someone with medical knowledge could shed some light on a question I have. I ...
tis the season once again and theres contraversy about everthing including flu vaccine. When I worked in the hospital even the nurses(al...
My grandmother passed on 6/17/18 and still hasn't been buried but was embalmed . my family can't agree on whether to bury or cement her s...
So, Netflix has both improved and ruined my life, LOL. I have a hard time watching 'regular' tv as tv schedules rarely match mine. Ent...
someone once told me a baby can see a passed on loved on or angels,. I am a huge believer in life after death, and there are times my 3 m...
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