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It's hard enough trying to FIGHT an ILLNESS. When you get hit with OUTRAGEOUS medical bills on top of it...it can be MORE than DEVASTATING. My husband and I have LOST and STARTED OVER more times than I care to admit because of my medical bills. This group is for YOU to be able to VENT about the effects of medical bills on YOUR LIFE. I also hope that information can be shared about programs out there for THOSE who do NOT have medical insurance OR could use help with some kind of SUPPLEMENTAL insurance. There are also PRESCRIPTION programs out there I intend to DISCUSS in the near future. Feel free to post any programs that you are aware of, that can help with PRESCRIPTION and or MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. :) I hope that this forum allows people to meet OTHER individuals in SIMILAR circumstances. Times are getting even tougher and it HELPS to be able to TALK about it to somebody. PLEASE keep POLITICAL debates or HEATED discussion for GROUPS that have been ESTABLISH for such CONTENT. This FORUM was NOT set up for POLITCAL debate, nor to be USED as a POLITICAL platform, BUT for MORALE support. This site does NOT allow PROFANITY(unless in use of describing an emotion)NOR does it allow BASHING, MEAN, RUDE OR HARMFUL comments toward another individual. Any comments of such nature will be REPORTED and REMOVED.
You will find almost every single drug generic and brand name on the site... www.needymeds.com And this one is very helpful too... ...
I was asked by Terese to come and share my story but did'nt really know what I could contribute until now. Now I have something to shar...
When my husband and I first moved to the state of California; we applied for state medical insurance. This required a monthly premium of ...
Getting ready to leave for docs appt. All I can think of is lets see...blood work $200.00, x-ray $75.00 or more, EKG $75.00, visit $59.00...
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