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I've gotten the hormone replacement pellets three times prior to this last one, about 4 months apart. Wonderful outcomes with those, exc...
I feel like it has been going on for a century. Wondering how long it normally takes and when do I say I've successfully moved passed me...
I have bloating/ cramps and but no period. I am 10 days late now. I am concerned about menopause but have no hot flashes.I am 41.
Who is having mood swings due to hormonal changes and how do you handle it??
I am 49 and my period this time has been insanely different than any other I have experienced. The flow is heavier as far as overall volu...
Recently I've noticed that my 42yr old wife has been acting differently. Mood swings, weight gain, loss of libido and during rear times o...
I had a mammogram on Monday, I got a call back on Friday to come in for more tests on Wednesday due to changes in my right breast. I am ...
I have Endometrial Hyperplasia with Atypia, and wanted to ask if anyone was diagnosed on ultrasound with thick endometrial lining. Mine ...
Hello: I was wondering if anyone else that is one HRT is having issues with tinnitus? Thank you.
please have some one hotflashes and night sweat and still have period pain
Ok, the little red cuts are inside the lips of the vagina, not the outside. Imagine pulling your lips apart and trying to look inside tha...
I am peri-menopausal as it hasn't been a full year of no periods yet, but for the past few months have noticed difficulty getting my ring...
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