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I was down with a bad prostate infection 3 yrs ago. PSA was 12.2. Long story short Through lots of meds and a few months it came down. ...
Why does masturbation cause my eyes to feel pressure and hurt? I can also tell that I look different when this happens as I notice the lo...
) I feel tingling sensation like a drop of urine is slowly coming/flowing out of tip of urethra/penis/foreskin but there is no single dro...
Ok. Three things 1. This is long . 2 . It is more explicit than I want it to be 3. My wife is a extremely conservative Christian....
My girlfriend (soon to be fiancee, I think) has said she'd like me to get a circumcision. Why? For cosmetic/hygienic/satisfaction reasons...
I used a cream for hemorrhoids and when I finished using it the pain stopped but the itching started, It is itching all around the anus ...
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