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About a year ago, I was doing clamping. Basically, I wait for an erection and then clamp the base of the penis with this thing to create ...
I am 15 years old, and I am worried about my penis. It appears that the tip of my penis gland is connected to my foreskin and therefore, ...
33 y/o and I have a lump on my penis, at first it appears on the shaft but I think it is more towards the head, it is more visible during...
Hello, please anyone know , I have one problem is that problem or not please help in that , If i watch porn penis get erect after 1 mi...
So, I'm 15, and I think after an excessive masturbation session a vein appeared on my **** that I've never noticed before. It's more visi...
I noticed while masturbating that I have a small hard bump under the skin of my penis on the shaft. There is no pain, no color, it is har...
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