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https://ibb.co/fr6cvtB Hi All, Had unprotected sex with a girl 6 months ago and since then i have the following symptoms: intense i...
Why does masturbation cause my eyes to feel pressure and hurt? I can also tell that I look different when this happens as I notice the lo...
I had a less than ideal diet between 2013 and 2018. I enrolled for an MBA program between 2018-19. I'm a vegetarian. Food offered in host...
i have recently been having a strange itchy feeling on the tip of my penis, it happened about 3 days ago, ive noticed that the opening to...
Hi all, For the past day or so and previously intermittly before that, I've had mild intermittent pain in the testicles and abdomen. Loo...
About a month ago I noticed a lump towards the top of my penis shaft, just to the side of my frenulum. It’s sort of like a ball/bead/bubb...
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