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I've struggled with premature ejaculation and I'm thinking of using a type of product called delay spray. I've looked into different ones...
Dear, I am 25 years old from Italy and would like some clarification on hormonal values. For some time I have been carrying out blood a...
Hi, I am a fit and healthy 55 year old male having regular sex with my wife. Recently I have noticed that prior to an orgasm I partially ...
I have been itching in the crease by my groin for a few months now, but there was no redness or similar so I dismissed it as unimportant....
Why do I only experience a satisfying orgasm when I pull out and finish myself off on her and not in her? I am able to come in here but t...
im trying to do nofap and im trying to find out what would it make it easier to do nofap
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