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The question is why won’t penis stand up, not why can’t I get an erection. I can get an erection perfectly fine, the problem is my penis ...
hello i have 2 questions first one is can i wear this long term? and second is can i wear it with penile implant malleable?
Over the course of the last five years I have caught this thing about Seven times. I have not had any Official diagnosis bev had the foll...
As the titel suggests, I have watery semen when I ejaculate, I've had it for a long period of time, and not a big problem, its not painfu...
https://ibb.co/fr6cvtB Hi All, Had unprotected sex with a girl 6 months ago and since then i have the following symptoms: intense i...
hi, when i sweat, there are white lines appearing around wet sweat regions on my shirt. what is it.is it some dangerous disease?i am 48...
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