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Long story short, when my wife is very disappointed about me eg: I said something she doesn't like, I had bad attitude towards her, etc, ...
I have been on escitalopram / citalopram for a few years but will be switching to the above. after a bit of research I have seen that ...
So I figured that my brain injury from 2008 is not from a car accident (in which I was never able to remember). It happened so very likel...
are there any differences between lorazapam and lorazapam aristo?
In 2014, a girl I was in love with caused me harm, that led to my first depressive phase ever. After a year I thought I got over it but f...
I got this weirdly hard boner, so hard it hurt a little then it went away after a while. I take 20mg escitalopram and so I ended up taki...
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