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suffer with severe OCD and false memory and can never determine what is the truth and what isn’t but recently found out I am pregnant an...
(now called Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another or sometimes Medical Absuse). Though it started when I was a toddler, it carried on in...
We dated for three months before, certain disturbances happened in both lives. I'm addicted to smoking now. Health conditions dropped. Ne...
I understand there are 5 brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin that effects us. But is not clear to me if it's a instantaneous r...
I have an 88 year old grandmother. She had 3 kids - now in their 50's and early 60's, themselves. When they were young, she was a very un...
My partner has serious schizophenia and will not go to the doctor. she thinks she has everything under control and is adamant that she k...
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