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This is a patient support community for mental health issues.

If you are in crisis or need assistance, please visit our Crisis Page for resources in your area.
I have an 88 year old grandmother. She had 3 kids - now in their 50's and early 60's, themselves. When they were young, she was a very un...
My partner has serious schizophenia and will not go to the doctor. she thinks she has everything under control and is adamant that she k...
I have this huge fear of buildings, houses, stairs, even going into a bathroom- I always feel a panic attack form and my first thoughts a...
Hello I am a 21 year old male I have been taking medicine since about 17 or 18 and been diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 19 I have bee...
Should I stop consuming cannabis with invega sustenna? And if I don’t what are the interactions I was just told it causes sedation.
My mother is on a multude of meds. She has parkinsonian. She has depression which recently hit worse when taken off resperdone and swutch...
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