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Okay, so I am aware of the hazards of asbestos and what it can do to your body/respiratory system. Best/worst information to know when yo...
I recently installed 2 curtain rods into my apartment which I was told is insulated with asbestos. In total there were 8 six inch screws ...
I was exposed to airborne asbestos while contractior removed insulation from a pipe in an old house. It was a 40 ft pipe in the basement...
I found out today that My husband works in a warehouse with an asbestos roof that was cracked by a lorry 11 weeks ago and has not been lo...
I visited many abandoned buildings and am afraid I was exposed to blue asbestos, I saw broken roofing material and walked in dust. I a...
I worked in a building for 25 years with asbestosis falling on us all the time. Two years ago started having trouble with coughing and sh...
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