Methadone Community Group

Those who have pain and have to live with it daily. No matter what reason you are on methadone for your welcome here. A place where others can talk and feel they are not alone.
so i started the clinic almost 5 years ago when i ended up pregnant. Throughtout my pregnancy i had to keep increasing my dose so i would...
I know this is not an exact science, but I would like some advice. If someone took 30 of the 5mg tablets on June 2, 3, & 4th and has a po...
I was using roxy cottons for a while then quit b/c I started going to the methadone clinic...I am on 70 mgs. I have been going and on met...
I have been on methadone now for almost 3 yrs. Jan.19 will be 3 yrs. whats the easiest way to taper off?!?
Hello Everyone I am Clean off Methadone either it is 263 or 273 Sorry I forgot soon as I turned the page. And I would Like to say I'm fee...
hello everyone, i've been addicted to "pain pills" for about 5 years now, it very first started with tramodol, i was hooked on that for a...
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