Methadone Community Group

Those who have pain and have to live with it daily. No matter what reason you are on methadone for your welcome here. A place where others can talk and feel they are not alone.
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ive been on methadone for 4 years which 2 of them i was on 140 mg well in july i started weening off 10mg a weekfor 7 weeks straight let ...
is there any one person on this site that can tell a positive story of hope courage and wisdom that stemmed from the methadone treatment ...
This is what we need. Only people who take or have taken methadone understand about it. I am here to say that methadone has saved my li...
thank you for starting this community, i am no longer on methadone but i spent many year going to clinics and will be around if anyone ha...
holly i am really glad you started this forum so people can talk about issues directly relating to methadone use, i wanted to contribute ...
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