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Welcome! This is a group for any family, friends, or spouses of anyone in any military. My husband is in the canadian army. I know what its like to be lonely, worried, and sad. I am here to personally help you with whatever you are going through and feeling. But lets all help each other as well. Questions, concerns, cooping with deployment, loss, postings, or just want to share how you feel at this time, feel free to. Remember this is a military support site, if you do not support the war or our soldiers and their families, please do not express it here. We do not need the moral of our soldiers to do down. Comforting words only. Remember that you might not understand what its like for some of our members so please be respectful. Lets share stories and keep our heads up when our soldiers are fighting for us. Thank you, Lucey.
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what would happen to a mother if her son perhaps went awol and she allowed him to stay with her......what would happen to the awol...pers...
How do most wives that has a spouse in the service deal with the loneliness and what do some ladies do to not think about the time?
Sometimes I feel guilty doing lots of everyday things because I know the man I love so much is over seas in Afghanistan and won't be enjo...
I heard of the death of our own soldier in Petawawa, Scott Vernelli. He passed on March 20th 2009. He left just days after his fist child...
My husband came home early this morning for an appointment he had. He told me that someone pulled out of tour and he could have been the ...
Bless all of them with what happened today and my heart goes out to all who lost a loved one.
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