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Welcome to the Mood Disorders Forum. Questions in this forum are being answered by Peter Forster, MD and topics covered are anxiety, bipolar, depression, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and stress.
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Will my babe have a mental illness if i do?
I've had some long standing problems with my mental health. Because of this, I suspect that I have some sort of mood disorder or psycholo...
My boyfrien of 11 years is once again very manic. He only takes his lithium as he deems fit. He did not like Lamictal. When manic, he t...
I have been severely depressed for over 5 years and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety last year by my current psychiatrist. Since...
I'm 22/female. I've had many health problems for several yrs. I really think most of my problems are neurological and caused me to dev...
Dear Dr. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression and also suffer from health anxiety. I also suffer from a brain injury due to low...
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