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WELCOME TO THE MYOSITIS COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Myositis which is an inflammation of skeletal muscles, which are also called the voluntary muscles. These are the muscles you consciously control that help you move your body. An injury, infection or autoimmune disease can cause myositis.
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Read that this med should be monitored for toxicity. Is that true and how often if treating myositis?
Hello everybody, I am a little bit confused about my diagnostical results so far and maybe anyone has an idea about it! The doctors sa...
Hi, I am a rather concerned parent looking for some advice. December 2010 my then 5 year old son began complaining of "aching legs"...I ...
Can it take 8 yrs to diagnose dermatomyositis?? Can it be that slow progressing? First elevated liver enzymes 2006 with liver biopsy norm...
Alcohol consumption causes muscle atrophy, delays muscle healing Are temporal muscles affected specifically?
What can be done about dropfoot?
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