Nintendo Fan Club Group

This is a group specifically created for all Nintendo Fans to get together and chat about games for any Nintendo Gaming System. You may talk about anything Nintendo here, including but not limited to new game releases, gaming systems, game characters, etc. Anyone who is a Nintendo Fan is welcome to join this group. :)
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What is your favorite?
Who is your Favorite Character from the Super Mario Brothers Series?
Who would you want to meet and why? What do you think their reaction to you would be?
Pokemon and Zelda are the best!!!
Has anyone here heard of or a member of Club Nintendo?
My kids got the new DSi for Christmas and they love it. If anyone one was thinking of getting one just do it they great. I want one for...
Hey I got the new Mario Wii game that just came out this week and I love it .......
I will post a quote from a Nintendo Game here, and the first person to guess what game it is from correctly may post the next. :) Quo...
Myself, I thought it was a very good movie. The only thing that I wasn't pleased about was the ending, as they kind of left it hanging. :...
has anyone played the new toy story Wii game? and my son wants to sell his PSP that he got for christmas last year and he played it may...
I just had to share this with someone Last night our family was sitting in our living room watching tv and all of a sudden a little tin...
What is your favorite quote from a Nintendo Video Game? Why is it your favorite?
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