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This forum is for pet health questions regarding Nutritional Management. Questions will be answered by a veterinarian.
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I have two kittens, one male and one female (brother and sister). They were born on a farm and were took from there mother at about 8/9 w...
I feed my ten year old husky/chow mix canned pedigree twice a day, with an antiacid. I was wondering whether dogs are able to eat mashed ...
I want to give my cat COLD WATER FISH OIL for his coat and skin allergies symptoms(eosinophilic plaque). the bottle I got reads 1 teas. ...
My vet had offered Hill Science Diet m/d for my overweight cat Isabella. Currently I am transitioning my cats the ones are not overweig...
My cat weighs ~21 lbs. I'm told by the vet that a healthy weight for him would be 14-15 lbs. 4 to 5 years ago he weighed 18 lbs. At th...
My cat has been on a steady diet of dry cat food for several years. I was feeding her "Science Diet" and then she started to gain weight....
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