Obesity Community

Hi, I have a friend who desires to become obese and encourages others to become obese. He thinks that being obese is attractive and h...
27yF Looking for some support here. I've always been on the heavy side, and have lost and gained the same 100 lbs. throughout the last 10...
My mom is 68, 5'1" and weighs around 310 lbs. She had osteoarhtritis and terrible back pains that keep her sitting. Overeating is not t...
What to do?! I feel as if I should quit trying to quit! I am in a rut and I cannot seem to get out of it. I just keep digging mysel...
I am doing so good now that I am actually affraid to eat! I have went to oranges, apples, pineapples, fresh veggies and boiled beans for ...
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