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I had an incidence with a needle stick from a discarded needle while clearing rubbish at a local beach/park. I ended up accidentially sti...
I have to go for blood work and I am asking if I should have the lab make special accommodations for me or if I need to do it like everyo...
I have sufferd from BDD for most of my life which resulted in major depression ,I was on Prozac for 6 years which helped massively ,I dec...
So since about February I've been struggling with the idea of possibly being gay/bisexual. I had a thought from my past. That I haven't r...
Its been month since I started doing this. My lower front tooth chipped and they said they cant repair it because its crooked. So only po...
I don't perform rituals or have any common thoughts/anxieties associated with OCD. However, I regularly engage in picking and compulsive ...
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