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Hi everyone.....this is really embarrassing and i dont really know how im going to say this without sounding weird but i have extreme OCD...
Can I start these 2 meds at the same time … my Dr prescribed and went on vacation for 1 month I forgot if she said start pristiq first th...
Hi I am facing anxiety related to dried precum as I masturbate in shower post which if I wipe with my body towel I fear that if I wipe my...
Hi all first post I am starting to think I have a disease and need to get treated but not sure if there is really a cure or it this is oc...
Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me figure out something... Up until about 4 years ago I would body-rock. Im now 34, from the age of ...
I don't know if this is the correct place to post, but it is 100% OCD related so I suppose in a way it is :) I am completely obsessed wi...
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