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My mom is a therapist for 30 years and she thinks me taking pics of doors to see that I locked them or sinks to see that they’re off is a...
Patient is suffering from blood borne disease that is contagious then how you can help that patient from OCD of repetitive washing and cl...
My son has been diagnosed with OCD (and other things) and part of his OCD is intrusive thoughts/obsessive thoughts. And he has a compulsi...
I’ve had this issue for like a month now and it started with me randomly getting heart palpitations (which for the record I know are pret...
I just wanty ocd to end ,it's come so far that I have insisted on using PEP for the second time because I think I was possibly exposed wh...
I had an incidence with a needle stick from a discarded needle while clearing rubbish at a local beach/park. I ended up accidentially sti...
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