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This forum is for questions and support regarding Occupational Safety & Health questions pertaining to: Blood Borne Exposures (Needle sticks), Chemical Safety-Spills-Exposure, Confined Spaces, Corporate Planning, Ergonomics, Fire Safety-Exposure, Industrial Hygiene, Hazard Communication, Hazardous Material Handling and Shipping, Health and Productivity Management, Indoor Air Quality, Injuries in the workplace, Noise-induced hearing loss, Nanotechnology and your health, Occupational Asthma , Pandemic Influenza (“FLU”), Personal Protective Equipment, Risk Communication, Safe Lifting Techniques, Workers compensation
Hi, there. I'm hoping to get some expert advice. I'm a surgical technology student. This Monday I was working with either a SH suture...
I'm male 43 and in good health. I came in contact with asbestos during a home renovation 2 months ago.. I removed approximately 7 feet of...
Please someone help put my mind at ease a bit. i live in an appartment building that is very very old. up until recently i never put to...
Hi. I received the flu vaccine in Jan 2013 and after receiving the flu shot I started experiencing pain when lift my arm above my head, ...
I am a medical assistant and around 5'2. I was finishing up placing a ppd on a 9 year old girl and everything was fine except when it cam...
helping a nurse give an intra muscular injection. as she withdrew the needle my hand got in the waycarefully and my little finger was pr...
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