October 2011 Babies Group

This group is for ladies who are having babies in October of 2011!
I'm new here, but not newly pregnant, and not with my first baby. My son just turned two this month. I'm 19wks +2 days pregnant with baby...
Are you myths true? I am due oct.11 and my husband mother swears it is a boy(i think that she just wants a grandson). My mom says it is...
Hello all, am new to this site and am 19week+5 days pregnant with twins, am very excited and trusting God that all will go well. This is...
Hey ladies my little wombat is due on october 14th.
hey ladies im due october the 13, they think its a girl and im really hoping so! hehe
I took the Intelligender test this morning & it immediately told us it was a GIRL ! My mom & sister cried & my daughter is soo happy. Now...
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