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Why don't we share our knowledge and moralities on some open issues Let's try to get some reasonable conclusion on chosen issues
Three secrets for getting success : know more than others, work more than others and expect less than others- William Shakespeare
If someone feels that he had never made a mistake in his life, then it means he had never tried a new things in his life - Albert Eistein
i hear on the news about Iran ,rahim..are you okay, nothing from our news too much about it but I have found some on our internet seems l...
I was wondering about yesturday, January 8th. I've read it was a day of protest for those opposing your current regime. As I am trying ...
O World! Enough hesitation! It’s time to act Hundreds of newspapers have been shut down in Iran; international reporters have been ban...
Taking into account that this administration has not come out and said much to AH or the Government in Iran , had promised sanctions but ...
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